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There’s so much more to who you are
than you know right now. - Bill Plotkin


Mushroom & MDMA Journeys


Are you curious?

Eager to explore parts of yourself?

To step into new ways of being?

There are ways.


Mushrooms: These master teachers, alchemists of perception, underworld guides and truth show-ers are here to lead you into the wildness of your soul. Not as an escape from reality, but as an invitation to engage with it more fully than ever before.

MDMA: Humans have created some incredible stuff: pyramids, trucks, the internet, crepes...and MDMA. One of the greatest tools to connect you with life's deepest truths and bring you more love, joy and peace.

Packing Your Bags

In our intake and first session we do a deep dive into your life: What’s shaped you and your experience of the world? What are your worries? Your longings? Where are you feeling stuck? What lights you up?


In our second session we prepare more specifically for your journey day, delving into your intention, physical readiness, my role, etc.

Your Journey

The heart of this container is your journey. In it, you may experience a range of emotions ranging from deep anguish to indescribable joy. You may feel unique or intense body sensations, thoughts, and visuals. But in reality you never know what awaits you in any psychedelic experience.


As your guide, I support you leaning into this unknown. I keep you safe. I attune to your needs and to whatever arises. I might invite you to go inwards if that seems your greatest good. At other times a more outward expression might feel more healing to you.

Returning home...changed

Following this experience is integration, where we’ll look at what your journey has to do with your life. Does it show you anything about how you could live differently? How does it relate to your intention? What did you learn?

Insight without action is just psycho-spiritual entertainment, however. So we also come up with concrete steps you can take to embody what comes out of your experience.

It's my profound honor to accompany you in these questions, wherever they take you.

  • Where?
    I offer mushroom, MDMA and LSD journeys in Oaxaca, Mexico, and travel to the US for "house calls." If you're interested in traveling to Oaxaca anyway, a great option is to have a ¨journey within a journey.¨ And both together are often more affordable than hiring a guide in the states. I also guide MDMA journeys over zoom, so you can be anywhere in the world. (Sometimes modern life is pretty cool.)
  • What? On zoom???!!!
    Believe it or not, MDMA sessions can still be very meaningful over zoom, and we can do deep therapeutic work that support lasting change. In fact, there are even some advantages to being in your own home and context.
  • Who?
    It's best to journey when you're in a fairly grounded place, not in the middle of a crisis or loss or huge life change. We all go through hard times - and this doesn't mean you can't take psychedelics. It's just best not to when you're in the heart of it. If you're currently on SSRI's, you'll need to taper off (with your doctor's support) at least six weeks before your journey.
  • How long?
    The length of a journey varies. It often ranges from 4 to 10 hours. As your guide, I always set aside the entire day for your journey. I bring a warm, simple meal to share afterwards.
  • What's it like?
    Psychedelic journeys are beautifully unpredictable. You never know what to expect. There may be visual, somatic, emotional and/or mental elements. Or all four. We'll talk about all of this in your process. Mushrooms and MDMA are different, and each has their unique signature.
  • What do you suggest?
    If it's at all possible for you timewise and financially, I highly recommend doing an MDMA journey first and a mushroom journey second.
Dried hallucinogenic magic mushrooms. Psychoactive Psilocybin Mushrooms. Dried shrooms on

Microdose Coaching

Microdosing is a unique opportunity, one where you're invited to explore your inner landscape, listen more closely to your intuition, notice subtleties in your day to day life, strengthen your relationships with the living world, and much more. Many unexpected treasures can emerge through microdosing, as different and unique as each of you are.

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As with many sacred medicine practices,

having support can deepen your experience.

I accompan you as you connect with the medicine and with yourself. I'm there to help you notice messages the medicine is bringing, suggest exercises that could deepen the experience, name recurring themes that are emerging, etc.


Like with macrodosing, entering microdosing with an intention can be helpful, so we’ll start there in our first session. 


I look forward to coaching you with care in the powerful unfolding of this medicine. 

Microdosing can support:

  • greater empathy

  • a reduction in anxiety and depression

  • insight, clarity and creativity

  • a better understanding of yourself and others

  • patience

  • a reduction in addictive behaviors

  • increased focus

  • a connection with the present moment

  • general well-being...and more

As your inner space expands,
you open to new ways of being.

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