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Are you feeling
the call to guide?

Do you hear a voice within?

Do you have a deep
knowing that this is
part of your soul offering?

I offer a private class on guiding - followed by an optional mentorship - to support you as you begin your work with clients. It's customized to your needs, existing knowledge and experience.

Bridge into the Woods

This is the course for you if you want to learn how to guide with heart and integrity, and are committed to continually deepening your own relationship with the medicine.

My approach to guiding is to follow the client’s lead as their experience unfolds, intuiting and responding to the moment. It’s always a mystery what will happen, so it's always a mystery how I will guide. There are no formulas. That being said, there are indeed best practices and concrete tools you’ll want to be able to choose from to best support your client. This class very much includes those.

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What do we cover?

Over a minimum of eight sessions, we cover the following and much more:

  • Your core values and principles

  • Screening

  • Heart-centered tools for pre and post sessions

  • Intake

  • Preparing the client for their journey

  • Intention setting

  • Ceremony

  • Dosage

  • Specific tools for the journey

  • Difficult moments

  • Your toolkit

  • Closing the journey experience

  • Integration

  • Ethical considerations

  • Starting your practice

  • Ongoing trainings to enrich your work

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What’s the dynamic? 


This is an interactive class, a co-creation (much like guiding). There’s a curriculum I make sure we cover so you can move into this work ethically and skilled, yet there's plenty of time for dialogue.  


I give you homework after each session, as well as prompts for reflection. The assignments will ensure you have the necessary infrastructure in place to begin your guiding practice.

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