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Transformational Coaching

Do you feel like something about the way you're living needs to change? Do you yearn for purpose, connection and fulfillment? Then coaching is a great option.

Your dreams are not random. They deserve attention.

My approach and the techniques I use vary with each client according to your needs. But it’s mostly about being present in this moment and what’s up for you right now, wherever that takes us…which is often to your own inner wisdom.

So yes, this is a journey inward as much as forward. Something I’ve learned from my own life is that if you want to change your outside reality, it’s an inside job first. 

So we don’t deny the past at all (in fact, we definitely go there, as that’s where many of your limiting beliefs, narratives and protective behaviors were formed). And…we also work with what’s current in your life now, and set a very clear vision of what you want in your future. 

It is possible to have

the life you long for.


I look forward to supporting you in getting there.​​

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You’re here to live your purpose and to enjoy this remarkable human experience you’ve been gifted. 

Interested in


Many find it deepens

their connection with themselves and the medicine.

Dried hallucinogenic magic mushrooms. Psychoactive Psilocybin Mushrooms. Dried shrooms on
Wood Rings

These are the beliefs and values I hold as we work together: 

Change is possible.


I see and honor your complexity, welcoming all of you. 


There’s wisdom in your body. I recognize your intuition and inner knowing, and support you in using them as tools and guides.


There are fewer things more supportive than a powerful question.


All humans experience pain.

Healing and transformation begin with acceptance.


You’re competent and resilient, and have agency.


I refer out when you’d be better served elsewhere.

You're under no obligation to be the same
person you were five minutes ago.  - Alan Watts

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